Here’s A Look At The Brand-New Dodge Charger!

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Surprise alert from Dodge! They just teased us with sneak peeks of the next-gen Dodge Charger on social media. But there’s a catch – no cameras or recording devices allowed. Talk about building suspense! The post revealed a pre-production model, no camouflage, and the promise of it hitting the streets late 2024.

So, what’s the deal with this Charger? Dodge spilled the beans – it’s the next-gen Charger, giving us a glimpse without the usual camo cover. The pics are a bit tricky, with some camo removed but still leaving a bit to the imagination. Shadows, odd angles, and a fence, oh my! But hey, Dodge shared it, so we’re guessing they want us to see it.


From what’s visible, the concept’s sleek lines are somewhat toned down for production, but a lot of the 2022 vibe stays. The roof’s a tad taller, and there are regular side mirrors now. Check out the concept for a side-by-side.

We brightened up one pic in Photoshop, and even the lower fascia looks pretty similar with those vertical vents. But here’s the Instagram bombshell – a rear shot. Why’s it a big deal? Well, they confirmed an electric Charger, and now we see the Daytona name on the rear. No visible exhaust outlets mean electric Charger Daytona in the house!


But hold up – could there be combustion Charger action too? Rumors are buzzing about a twin-turbo I6 version alongside the electric model. The EV gets Charger Daytona branding, and the combustion Charger? Well, Dodge didn’t deny it last time we asked.

Don’t miss the Fratzog badge on the grille, a nod to Dodge’s “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust” setup giving their quiet EVs a muscle car growl. And that hood drop? Concept vibes with a spoiler twist. The Charger saga continues, and we’re here for it!

Source: Dodge / Facebook

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